Zenyatta Mondatta, El Capitan A4 5.7


Yosemite Valley, California USA

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Zenyatta Mondatta Photo TR -10/08 - Click for details
 Zenyatta Mondatta Photo TR -10/08
Yo, so although our ascent of ZM is nothing remarkable compared to a lot of reports on this site...it was significant achievement on a personal level for my partner Brian and ...

by Lambone
6,813 May 24, 2017 51
Zenyatta Mondatta-Solo, June 2011 - Click for details
 Zenyatta Mondatta-Solo, June 2011
I need to thank John Fine and Mike O. for a bit of proofreading and both suggesting that I work harder and make the story more compelling. My life for the last year has been p...

by Mark Hudon
13,997 Oct 29, 2012 84
Zenyatta Mondatta, El Capitan - Winter Ascent - Click for details
 Zenyatta Mondatta, El Capitan - Winter Ascent
http://cheynelempe.blogspot.com/2011/01/zenyatta-mondatta-el-capitan-winter.html Enjoy! If you can't pay attention long enough, you can just watch the video he...

by Cheyne
6,429 Jan 31, 2011 33
My First Fix - Aid Break Through on Zenyatta - Click for details
 My First Fix - Aid Break Through on Zenyatta
My First Fix By Chris McNamara I was sixteen and my first attempt at soloing the Prow had seen my dreams of big wall glory crushed. For my decision to retreat ...

by Chris McNamara
3,755 Jul 07, 2010 6
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found